Ste Corner

Main Dots:
Schools and Community 

"I love being a part of BiG KIDS as I enjoy finding fun ways to explore faith with young people and journey with them as they move closer towards knowing who they were created to be and how much God loves them!"

Sam Durant

Main Dots:
Church and Walk

"I love to be creative and dream up really cool ways to tell people about Jesus!

Did you know only 33% of children and young people consider Christians as fun! That’s where BiG KIDS come in!" 

Just two BiG KIDS...

"We have a passion for local kids to come to a life-changing ‘Belief in God’. We are passionate about supporting children and young people as they begin in their individual journeys of faith; a ‘Belief in Growth’.

We (Sam and Ste) are two BiG KIDS, willing to invest in the present generation of children who need to hear the truth of the gospel in relevant ways. We aim to develop fun, creative methods of support to help them stick with God when times get tough, and to invite others into friendship with Jesus.
We cannot do this alone. We need you to be praying for us, supporting where you can with time, encouragement and donations, helping us to achieve our aim of “joining the dots” – seeing kids engage with God in their school, become part of local church, serve Him in their homes and community, and walk with Him in study and prayer."

Since BiG KIDS started in April 2017, we have had amazing support behind the scenes;

Financial partners, mentors, volunteers, prayers & great Trustees.

This guidance, care and support has been a huge support to the creative team as we serve!

The Current Trustees:

Peter Rushton (Chair of Trustees)

Graham Hassall (Secretary)

Alistair Bolton