We are all a part of communities;

school, churches, clubs, the streets we live on and in our wider town.

Wherever we are and whoever we spend time with, we can make a BiG difference in other peoples lives and the areas we hang out each day.

What 'little acts' could you do?

A litter pick?

Bake cakes and give them away?

Talk to a neighbour?

Pray for a friend? 

Why not dream up some ideas with family and friends and then give it a go. We would love to hear about what you get up to.
Message us here or on facebook, and we may even share what you get up to with the world! 

Our Community Work

Here are some of the other community work we offer:

GO BiG (Family Play Events)

The BiG Story (School Holiday Activities Support)

American Weeks (Partnering with Texan Churches and Universities)

.... plus more in the pipeline for the future!