Here you'll find some of the resources we have written and created as BiG KIDS. 

All of these videos, songs and activites are free to access and use  - we merely ask that you let us know, and consider a small donation in return, if appropriate.

We love to see how far and wide these little creations go, so please get in touch with your stories of how they've helped, or if you have any questions regarding them and their usage. 


Crumbs is our little series of "bitesize daily bread"!

Each of these poems have been written by Sam or Ste and have an accompanying worksheet which can be accessed via the link.  

These were orginally produced during lockdown and distributed with an activity pack each week. They've since become the backbone of our school club teaching!

Here is a playlist of some of our musical offerings! 

Fancy a bit of Bublé at your Christingle service?
Some Peter Kay at Harvest?
Or even a "Rick Roll" for Lent?

And I bet you didn't know Tom Jones was actually singing about THIS Delilah...

In this five episode mini series, join the adventures of Sam and Ste, as they're whisked away to the land of Oz! Follow the yellow brick road and discover if they ever get home...

The drama stands alone, however, it was originally accompanied by an activity box - which can be used alongside the craft tutorials in this playlist. Get in touch for more details regarding the boxes!

Another five episode mini-series, originally written as a holiday club, join with Sam, Jean and their apprentice as they learn all about nature, recycling and the God who makes all things new!

Delivered as a hybrid holiday club, these interactive sessions rely on access to our BiG Activity Boxes, so please get in touch if you'd like to use them!

Funded by local churches, the Little BiG Box is designed to give children the chance to explore and retell the Christmas story, with handbuilt props and poetry. 

A teacher in a local Primary School branded the accompanying lesson "Ofsted grade; outstanding!" 

To date, over 750 children have recieved a Christmas box, with plans and resources all ready to go for an Easter edition!
If you're interested, we're happy to bring our boxes to you!


Created in partnership with local, grassroots activists, Community Connectors, these adventure maps were designed to combat inactivity and isolation in familes, living in areas of particularly high deprivation. 

We designed our "join the dots walks" to give children an opportunity to creatively respond to their surroundings, incorporating simple acts of mindfulness along the way. 
These maps also including snippets of local history, encouraging users
to be proud of their local area and heritage.