What We Do

Through all areas of our work, we strive to create interactive and imaginative learning experiences to support the holistic development of children. 
We believe that children benefit from consistent and regular contact, across multiple settings, allowing them to feel welcomed and loved for who they truly are, wherever they may be.
Since founding in 2017, BiG KIDS has been committed to being that warm and loving force for good in the
lives of the children of Middlesbrough.

Our mission is to “join the dots” – but what are these dots we speak of?
You might see us wearing different colours each day – but why?

Scroll down and hover over the pictures to find out…



BiG KIDS aims to assist and support local Primary schools with their delivery of Christian faith teaching.
We pride ourselves on creating unique and relevant ways to engage children
in the classroom - through art, drama, music, sport and storytelling, pupils can
explore the BiG questions of life in a supportive, informative environment.

We tailor our approach to suit the needs of the pupils we will be
working with, and we’re keen to work with curriculum objectives in
collective worship, assemblies, lessons or clubs.
Please chat to us to hear about more ways that we can serve your school!


Scripture Union research shows that 95% of children and young people are not regularly connected with churches - that percentage is somewhere near 98%
in our region. 33% believe church to be boring and irrelevant.
We've worked with over 20 churches across denominations, passionately advocating for children and families - enabling churches to reach outside
of their congregations in relevant and imaginative ways.

We write resources, build props and bring the energy – and sometimes the
silly costumes.
Utimately, we want to see those big percentages change in the long term!


We are all a part of communities; school, churches, clubs, virtually and physically, on our streets and in our town.

Wherever we are and whoever we spend time with, through little acts,
we can make a BiG difference in the lives of others and positively impact
our communities, every single day.

Litter picking? Gardening? Giving to charity? Even just smiling at a neighbour!
Oh and by the way, these are things that we can all do, to change the world - whether we have a BiG KIDS top on or not! So, to the reader… (Yes, YOU!);
what can you do today to make the world around you a better place?


Our blue dot underpins every aspect of the BiG KIDS mission – supporting
each other, our communities and children in their daily lives.  

Each of us are on our own journey – questioning, learning and wrestling
with the deeper questions. It’s part of our make up as humans!
As BiG KIDS, we hope to always provide safe spaces and opportunities for
children to gently explore their sense of identity, values and faith.

We provide opportunities and resources for collective learning;
whether virtually or physically; to create a wider sense of belonging,
connecting our work in individual localities.